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Tarkenfire's/Suzumebachi's Unit Guide


I.Intro/Purpose of this guide.

Hello, my name is Tarkenfire. Suzumebachi is my better half, and this is our Unit guide for the MMO game Tribalwars. The purpose of this guide is to provide you all with information, as well as useful information about the units available in the game.

How to use this guide.

Here is an example of how this guide will be set up:

Sample Unit -This is where the unit's name will go

Desc: The Sample unit is the backbone of any army, being the perfectly "balanced" unit. -This is where a basic description of the unit is shown

Cost: 40 Wood, 40 Clay, 40 Iron, 1 Villager -This is amount of resources that are required to produce the unit

Stats: -The combat stats of the unit, these include carrying capacity as well. Speed is not included, as times differ between different worlds.

Tark's Feelings: The Sample unit is pure awesomeness, every player should have them. - My (Tarkenfire) opinion on the unit, I'm kinda an overly defense player.

Suzu's Feelings: The Sample unit is ok, but only in defensive villages, as spearfighters outshine them in their hauling abilities. -My (Suzumebachi) opinion on the unit, I tend to play very agressivly, with almost no defense.

III. New Style Units


Desc: A quick defensive unit with rather high defense stats. You may only build one of this unit, ever.

Cost: 20 Wood, 20 Clay, 40 Iron, 10 Villagers


Tark's Feelings: If there wasn't a limit, then this would be my only unit, but as you can only have one, a palain is kinda useless. I build one anyways, but it never really makes the crutial difference in my defense.

Suzu's Feelings: While at first, this may look like an awesome unit, you can only make one of them. And with that, it seems rather mundane. 2 swordsmen and 5 spearfighters, and you have defence equilivent to a paladin. 3 Axemen and you have more attack. 2 Heavy Cavalry, and you have a faster defencive force.


Desc: A new defensive unit, strong against infantry and cavalry, but weak against other archers.

Cost: 100 wood, 30 clay, 60 Iron, 1 Villager


Tark's Feelings: Eh, I don't play the new worlds much, but when I do, I use a lot of them, they're a decent mix of defense, but their archer weakness requires swordsmen or heavy cavalry to counter Mounted Archers.

Suzu's Feelings: If not for the archer weakness, then I would use this unit, however, in my defensive villages, I still use a spearfighter/swordsmen mix, as it's more cost effective.

Mounted Archer

Desc: Primaraly an anti-archer unit, it can also be used against infantry (swordsmen and spearmen), but it's not as effective at this as Light Cavalry is.

Cost: 250 wood, 100 Clay, 150 Iron, 5 Villagers


Tark's Opinion: When I DO play on a new style world, I don't really use these units, as I prefer having 2000 Light Cavalry, rather then a 1000/1000 split. Then again, I never survive too long in new style worlds.

Suzu's Opinion: Unfortunatly, cause the pontential for archers being used is high (I don't use scouts), Mounted archers HAVE to be used. I mean, they're not too bad of a compliment to Light cavalry, but I'd rather have one unit that does both jobs. They have defensive abilties, but there's MUCH better units to use for that purpose, the Mounted Archer is an offensive unit.

IV. Old Style Units


Desc: The first unit available to be used, the spearfighter is a defensive unit that has a high hauling capasity, making rather useful in offensive farming and in defending as well. (against cavalry, the SF has low defence against infantry)

Cost: 50 Wood, 30 Clay, 10 Iron, 1 Villager


Tark's Opinion: Well, in worlds without archers, the spearfighter is one of the 3 pinicle units of defence, along with the swordsmen and heavy cavalry. In worlds WITH archers, they're fairly useless, with swords and archers making a better defensive combo.

Suzu's Opinion: In either world, the Spearfighter/Swordsmen combo is the best for defence, IMO. Enough said.


Desc: A defensive unit with high defences against infantry, but not cavalry.

Cost: 30 wood, 30 clay, 70 Iron, 1 villager


Tark's Opinion: One of the "Pinacle of Defense" troops, vital for defence in any type of world.

Suzu's Opinion: Needed for defense for any player in any world, swordsmen do their jobs fairly well.


Desc: An offensive unit with few defensive capibilities.

Cost: 60 wood, 30 clay, 40 iron, 1 villager


Tark's Opinion: The only offensive ground unit in the game, useless for defence.

Suzu's Opinion: Axemen should NEVER be used for defence, there are units made for defence, and anyways, axemen should always be busy, defeating enemy cavalry.


Desc: A non-combat unit that gathers info about enemy cities.

Cost: 50 wood, 50 clay, 20 iron, 2 villagers


Tark's Opinion: I keep a few thousand in a few of my villages, I mean, it's nice to know what's out there.

Suzu's Opinion: I never build scouts, they waste population space, and anyways, no single village can stop a full-bore attack with 7000 axes and 2000 lights.

Light Cavalry

Desc: A fast offensive unit with good attack abilites, and below average attack abilities.

Cost: 125 wood, 100 clay, 250 iron, 4 villagers


Tark's Opinion: Some use them for defense, that seems like a waste of the 2nd highest attack in the game. An offensive village is not an offensive village w/o LCs.

Suzu's Opinion: There should never be any of these sitting in your village; when they're not raiding for resources, they're killing enemy Swordsmen and other cavalry, and vice-versa.

Heavy Cavalry

Desc: A fast defensive unit with good skills overall, but excellent defense.

Cost: 200 wood, 150 clay, 600 iron, 6 villagers


Tark's Opinion: The fast defence unit. Although they have the highest attack in the game, you can produce light cavalry cheaper, and in greater numbers for attack. Only to be used for fast defense.

Suzu's Opinion: Useless unit. Costs too much, and takes too much population. Light cavalry, swordsmen, and spearfighters are better for the job.


Desc: A seige unit that demolishes walls before normal combat troops attack. Cannot fight.

Cost: 300 Wood, 200 clay, 200 iron, 5 villagers


Tark's Opinion: Well, needed for attacking, unless you really want to lose most of your forces.

Suzu's Opinion: Have 100-300 of these in every offensive village, you won't regret it.


Desc: A seige unit that demolishes a building chosen by the attacker AFTER normal troops attack. Cannot fight.

Cost: 320 wood, 400 clay, 100 iron, 8 villagers


Tark's Opinion: Useless. Costs more then rams, and they do their job AFTER the fighting is over. Never have built one, never will build one.

Suzu's Opinion: I keep about 100 Catapults in one of my offensive villages. Because you can chose the targets, you can convert villages into good farms with them. (low points, max warehouse/resources)


Desc: A unit which decreases an enemy village's loyalty. Required to take over new villages.

Cost: 40,000 wood, 50,000 clay, 50,000 iron, 100 villagers


Tark's Opinion: Well, you need them if you want more then village.

Suzu's Opinion: I never can decide if I should build them in my Offensive villages or my defensive ones....

Legal Stuff

I do not own Tribalwars or any symbols or logos related to Tribalwars. Tribalwars, and all symbols assocuated with it are property of Innogames, and subject to local and/or international copyright laws.

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