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Tribalwars Tribe Profile: Cant We All Be Civil?

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Name:Cant We All Be Civil?
Created:2014-10-24 01:07:47
Members:22OD rankings
Average points per village:9,791
Tribe Changes:206
Conquers:14134 (+9531-4603)
Best Rank:205th July 2015
Most Points:55,566,65114th October 2015
Most Villages:5,67714th October 2015
OD Rank:3. (589,594,667 score)
OD Attack Rank:2. (231,870,639 score)
OD Defense Rank:3. (357,724,028 score)
Profile:In-game profile
Profile views:7,369

2019-03-27 01:02:30 GMT

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