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News: TW Stats update released
TW Stats has been updated!

After months of work we're proud to announce that TW Stats has been updated with a bunch of exciting new features and improvements!

Account registration

The biggest new feature is integration with You can now login to TW Stats with your username, no registration required! Once you've logged in, you get access to these benefits and features:

* My Profile section - Shows information on all your world profiles.
* Newsletter subscription
* My worlds dashboard - Easily track and access your performance from all your worlds
* Player watchlist - Add as many players as you'd like to your player watchlist. TW Stats will tell you if they're increasing in points, decreasing in points or flatlining as well as showing all their information.
* Tribe watchlist - Same as above but for Tribes.
* Email notifications - Be emailed as soon as villages are conquered.
* Saving data - Save your maps and warstats configurations to come back to later!
* View how many profile views you've had

Tribe/Player profiles

* You can now click on a graph to choose what to display.. choose from options such as points, villages, OD, ODA, ODD.
* Player profile only: Export villages in a custom format
* Join date shown
* Show a list of the other worlds a player plays on.
* Show tribe/player comments.
* Show profile views.
* Logged in users can comment on tribes and players.

Map tool

* Removed list of predefined colours
* Added a colour picker
* You can now save a map to your account if you're logged in

Attack planner

* Improved browser compatibility
* On step 2 you can now choose the same unit speed for all villages with 1 click

War stats

Added ability to add player's to each side.
Added ability to save configuration to each side.

New design

Last but not least we've got a new site design.

If you find any problems or bugs, please post in our forum.

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2023-01-27 18:11:09 GMT