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News: Quick update on player and tribe comments

We've made a few quick modifications to the player and tribe commenting system. As you are probably aware any user that is logged in can post a comment on any tribe or player profile. However, some players have been abusing this feature to make incorrect or inappropriate comments.

Starting from now all comments can be rated 'up' or 'down' by any logged in user, similar to systems seen on and

Any comments that have a rating of -3 or lower are automatically hidden from view.

Further more, if you vote up/down a comment on your own profile your vote counts for 3, so you can either add 3 to a comment's rating or detract 3. This gives more power to players to remove inappropriate comments from their profile.

Lastly, we'll be checking comments with low ratings periodically to see if they warrant permanent removal from the site.

If you encounter any bugs or problems please let us know!

- TW Stats team

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2024-04-17 09:49:26 BST

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