Tribal Wars Stats: World 37

Rank Player Points Villages
1 pancho310 58,300,454 5,561
2 thomasp69 39,705,115 3,830
3 ijsbeer 36,263,990 3,797
4 Edstersan 33,387,849 3,469
5 elrojo 32,935,330 3,348
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Rank Tribe Points Villages
1 1ns4n3 810,105,496 90,010
2 BNB 8,930,312 913
3 M B 1,986,601 216
4 45c3nd 690,996 70
5 TBA 209,794 39
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TW Stats provides detailed statistics and graphs to help you track your progress and compare other players.
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You can use the distance calculator to work out the travel times between villages for each unit.
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The village locator can be used to search for villages around a village, a player, or even a tribe, while using filters to refine your results.
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The attack planner allows you to choose a target village and attacking villages. It then gives you the exact launch times to coordinate an attack.
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The mailing list generator allows you to create, manage and save a list of tribes so that you can easily create mailing lists for ingame use.
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The war stats tool allows you to add various tribes to each 'side' of the war, and then view statistics.
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